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Kalika Permaculture Farm

Kalika Permaculture Farm is located on Kalika Charles Hill overlooking the picturesque Pokhara Valley and the majestic Fewa Lake, Kalika Permaculture Farm is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill farm.
The ranch was begun way back by our ancestor. Since our modest beginnings, the ranch has now turned into flourishing desert garden of plant and creature life.

Mission & Vission

Kalika Permaculture Farm

Kalika Permaculture Farm is a working farm and a demonstration place for the values, methods and policies of permaculture. The farm aims to encourage ecological, social and financial resilience in the Occupied Territories
by further developing our small-scale permaculture location to act as a model and teaching centre for local landowners and learners of permaculture.

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Permaculture Design Course Internship

Complete your 4-week extensive permaculture design course with internship studying the essentials of the science of permaculture design.

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Organic Biofertilizer Training

Maximize use of local resources, make your own biofertilizers, manage insects and fungus, reproduce and use native microbes.

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Design and Consulting Services

Build resilience and sustainability into your farm, project or business or help communities develop resilience.

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Fermented Food and Health Workshop

Improve your health, make food safer, and tickle your taste buds with our experts by studying about fermented foods.

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Worked We Have Done

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