Message from Chairperson

Nepalese Ultra Poor Marginalized and Bio-Diversity Organization, Nepal (NELUMBO, Nepal) stands out for the upliftment of people providing health, education and environment services in the rural area with its excellence and honesty. It aims to provide unconditional services facilitating Nepalese community seeking justice and bringing a light of hope in the homes of the poor people.
Since, Nelumbo Nepal is established in 2017, till date it’s been able to conduct health and awareness campaigns where the feedbacks are magnificent. It’s been able to bring satisfaction and smiles in the faces of people where they can share and cure their problems. We’ve been providing free health check-ups and prescribed medicines in collaboration with certified doctors and nurses and awareness programs with a massive knowledge on health, education and environment prioritizing people on their age basis. It indeed is the very beginning on what it has been doing, we assure to provide services and trainings in the further campaigns serving people in need, overcoming the problems and challenges they’ve been facing.
I am thankful to STIFTUNG NELUMBO, Switzerland for their financial support, trust and commitment to continuing to work with us. I would like to thank all the organizations, stakeholders and well-wishers for their valuable support and cooperation extended to Nelumbo, Nepal for carrying out its activities smoothly. I also express my sincere thanks to the members of Governing Board for their valuable support and suggestions, and all the hard working and dedicated staff members of Nelumbo, Nepal for their contribution in achieving the goals of the organization.

Major Tulsi Prasad Gurung
Pakhurikot Samaj