A place Which gives the safety warmth and love of a family

All children deserve to live in safe, nurturing homes where they can feel valued and loved.

Founded in 2005 SEOD Children’s Home is located in the beautiful Pokhara valley, 200 km west of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. It is currently a home for 14 wonderful children who are either orphaned, abandoned or rescued from abusive family members. Despite the serene landscape and the ancient culture. Nepal fast modernization has left countless children homeless or lacking a safe social environment.

Family Integration

No matter how much we love and cherish each member of our Seod family, we are just a substitute and can't fully replace their original families. Therefore one of our main aims is to reintegrate the children to their families if possible Two of our boys, Udip and Santosh, left our home last year after almost 5 years and they're now reunited with their mothers. Both of them lost their fathers which left their mothers unable to provide for them. Over the last years we have helped the mothers to improve their situation and now with a little financial support from us they can live as a family again. They consider them self very lucky to have two families now and it is always a great joy to see them during their regular visits.

Children's Home

Currently there are 12 boys and 2 girls living with us at the children's home. As mentioned previously, our children come from diverse backgrounds and situations.Here it is a short portrait of a few family members and their brief stories.

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