Bk brothers Six years ago, in December 2012, we met during a stop on the way to Kathmandu, six malnourished brothers asking us for food. Three of them were even unable to walk. We found out that their family is living in extreme poverty and both parents battling with alcohol addiction. A month later we took them for a medical checkup, finding out that on top of their malnourishment five of the six brothers are suffering from muscular dystrophy. Our children home is not suitable for wheelchairs, but with the help of our sponsor Peter (from UK), we manage that the three-brother we are still capable to walk can join our family in Pokhara.

After the mother passed away in 2016 our amazing housemaid Rupa and her husband Hem volunteered to become foster parents for the three wheelchair bound brothers who remained in village. We rented a suitable ground floor apartment next to our SEOD children home trying to provide them with everything to improve their quality of life. We are glad that with good nutrition, medical supervision and therapy their abilities have improved and the passive and depressed boys have become jolly, active and happy children.

The older wheelchair bound boys are learning with great enthusiasm different instruments, playing board games and performing little task in the household. The younger three are going to school, making new friends, joining field trips and picnicks for them. With the help of our friends and supporters we even managed to take all brothers on little hikes, boating or cinema visits trying to provide them with as much normality as possible.